Vintage 1976 Rickenbacker Model M8E Grey Tolex


We love vintage combo amps! New to the shop is a vintage 1976 Rickenbacker Model M8E combo amp in gray tolex with silver grate and clear carry handle. This little amp is a one-owner amp of a retiree who no longer plays. This guy is LOUD, even at low volume levels. Sometimes the knobs are a little scratchy, but it cleans up nicely. There are some handling marks around the amp and a couple of spots of discoloration. The amp comes with two inputs an 8" Jensen speaker and a single volume chickenhead knob with an on/off switch. The dimensions are 13½"W x 11½"H x 5½"D. This amp appeared in the 1955 Rickenbacker catalog as part of the "Student Hawaiian Guitar Set".

It has a single-ended power stage, like the Fender Champ, when previous amps featured mostly, if not exclusively, a push-pull stage. The amp is powered by a single 6V6 was driven by a 6AV6, without negative feedback. Sometimes the simplest designs are the most effective. What is interesting is that the amp is a duo-diode + single triode, the kind you see in old radios at the detector stage... also used in earlier Fender Harvards or in the Gibson GA-40. This is a very interesting and fun amplifier to add to your vintage collection! Happy bidding! 

Vintage 1976 Rickenbacker Model M8E Grey Tolex


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