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We love our old Winchesters! This is a pretty scarce Pre-War/WWII Winchester Model 74 .22 Short! The SN:164xx dates the rifle to 1939. This rifle was enjoyed and well loved. The action appears to function as designed, and bore is nice. The stock does have a crack that radiates from the butt forward that a good wood guy can fix. The blued finish on the barrel, receiver, and other metal is thinning, with some minor pitting on the back of the receiver. Otherwise, overall original finish and condition rates at approximately 60%. The pre-WWII Winchester 74’s in .22 Short are pretty scarce and command a 25% or more premium in the market. If you are looking for a shooter that has some collectability, you will want to own this one!

Rare Pre War WWII WInchester Model 74 .22 Short