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And handi it is! While the barrel length does just barely exceed the NFA-mandated minimum of 16, it sure doesn’t look it. This break-open, single shot rifle doesn’t have a lot going on behind the chamber — nothing reciprocating to get rid of empty shells (unlike a bolt action or semi-auto) and no room needed for recoil assemblies, bolt clearance, etc. The result is a barrel that starts right in front of the trigger instead of some 3-or-more inches forward, making the whole gun look extremely compact. Also contributing to its abbreviated appearance is a youth-sized stock – length of pull is only 12. 


Buy now with confidence! We are a licensed FFL dealer of fine new, pre-owned, vintage and antique guns, guitars, and more! We are located in downtown historic Lindale Texas, just a few miles north of Tyler, TX.

H&R Handi 300AAC Rifle