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We love WWII firearms, including this gorgeous original condition Mauser P08 Luger, marked S/42, G Date chambered in 9mm! The G date Lugers were manufactured in 1934 for the German Army and Navy. Due to the Treaty of Versailles, these were manufactured with codes in secrecy to hide location of production. Of the over 3 million P08 model Luger pistols manufactured for the German WWII effort, only just over 54,000 G Date Luger pistols were manufactured, making these a relatively rare period. This particular pistol is a C Letter Block serial number, and the pistol is all matching except the magazine. The magazine is aluminum base is A letter block with a + marked on it. The overall finish condition is between approximately 91-94% condition deep blued finish, with some light freckling on the front and back strap of the grip. There is light muzzle wear and some wear on the high edge of the side plate. The straw color on the trigger, safety, extractor and take down lever is mostly intact with some mottling on the trigger and safety. The grips are walnut with some wear in spots, but no cracks. The action is tight and bore is excellent! Don't miss out on this beauty!


Buy now with confidence! We are a licensed FFL dealer of fine new, pre-owned, vintage and antique guns, guitars, and more! We are located in downtown historic Lindale Texas, just a few miles north of Tyler, TX.

Excellent Mauser P08 Luger G Date S/42 C Block 9mm