<p><h2><b> Beautiful 1971 Ruger No 1 .22-250 26”






We love top condition vintage sporting guns! Just arrived On consignment is a Beautiful 1971 dated Ruger No 1 chambered in .22-250 with 26” barrel. The rifle is absolutely beautiful with only a couple of dings in the walnut stock and a small ding in the top, front of the barrel. The bore is like new! The scope is a Leupold Vari X III, 6.5x20 with extender. 


BIN $1399


Single shot







<p><h2><b>Victory Gun and Guitar Works</b></h2></p>  

Victory Gun & Guitar Works is a licensed FFL firearms and guitar dealer in serving the greater North Central and East Texas area. Victory Guitar Works was founded in 2011 by Trey Tenery through combining old world service and fresh business ideas. In 2012, this passion for guitars joined forces with firearms to create an explosive, rockin’ combination! 

<h3><b>OWNER BIO</b></h3> 

For six years Trey worked as General Manager of one of the finest collector gun stores in Dallas, Texas. He has been a historic arms expert on Storage Wars Texas and was recently on Texas Country Reporter.

Today, Victory Gun & Guitar Works continues the tradition with a well-stocked line of Wilson Combat firearms and many more coming every week! Trey has studied and collected fine guns and guitars for over twenty years and is an expert on fine collector guns and accoutrements. 

Our clients and stakeholders will experience honesty, transparency, professionalism, and sound business practices. Victory purchases, sells, and trades in individual pieces to complete firearms and guitar collections. We work with individuals and estates to provide accurate and timely appraisals, we offer consignment services, and pay top prices in the market for quality items. 

Thank you for your interest in our items, we appreciate it! If you wish to enlist us for these services, feel free to call Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm at 214.244.8893 or e-mail at victoryggw@gmail.com . Thank you and God bless! 

<h3><b>PAYMENT OPTIONS</b></h3> We do accept all major credit cards listed in the auction. We do accept Certified Bank Checks, Postal Money Orders and wire transfer of funds. We do not accept Paypal, Western Union or personal checks(unless local). 

<h3><b>NEW/NON-RATED BIDDERS</b></h3> We welcome all new bidders, and we certainly wish to help someone who incurred poor feedback in the past earn opportunities to win back some good points. Please, contact us PRIOR to bidding, so that we can have a chat about the auction process and expectations. 

<h3><b>AVAILABILITY OF ITEMS</b></h3> While we do our best to remove sold items from Gunbroker immediately upon a phone or local sale, sometimes things slip through the cracks. Please, if this happens, before having a knee jerk reaction allow us to make things right. We are very customer service oriented, and wish to make and keep lifelong customers. 

<h3><b>DETAILED OR COMPLEX QUESTIONS</b></h3> If you have any detailed or complex questions about the item, beyond what you see in the photos or description, please call or email us with any questions BEFORE bidding on an item. 

<h3><b>WON THE ITEM, BUT CHANGED YOUR MIND</b></h3> If you win an item, but change your mind on it, PLEASE understand that this costs us completed auction fees on several levels, and you will be liable to reimburse us for these fees. 

<h3><b>SHIPPING POLICIES</b></h3> *Flat-Rate shipping charges are Continental USA ONLY, Rates will be higher for Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico/Guam (no ammunition to Puerto Rico or Guam) * USA and US BATFE Approved Territories* International Sales – Payment is through wire transfer funds to Victory Gun & Guitarworks only NO CREDIT CARD OR OTHER PAYMENTS. Items may then be shipped to a BATFE approved firearms exporter for shipment to your importer in your country. 

<h3><b>RETURN POLICY</b></h3> From the time you pick up the item from your FFL dealer or receive the non-gun item at your doorstep, you will have a 3 day non-firing, non-disassembly return policy. You may return it for any reason, provided that you abided by the prior statement. We will refund you the cost of the firearm only, but cannot refund shipping or insurance costs. 

<h3><b>DISPUTES</b></h3> If you have any issue with an item we have sold you, please do not hesitate to call us and discuss it. Like we said earlier, if this happens, before having a knee jerk reaction, let’s discuss it like adults, and make sure that a fair resolution occurs for both parties. We wish to make and keep lifelong customers. Hostility, poor feedback, harsh words are not good for anyone. 

<h3><b>ANTIQUE AND NON-GUN ITEMS</b></h3> All antique guns, ammunition, and edged weapons sales will require a copy of the buyer’s Driver’s License, proving age 21 or older, to ship. Your state and local laws apply, so please know them prior to purchasing an item and expecting us to ship to you. 

<h3><b>PRE-OWNED OR VINTAGE FIREARMS/ WEAPONS</b></h3> Pre-owned, used, vintage, curio and relic, and antique firearms or other weapons are sold as-is with no warranty, expressed or implied. Each item has been dry fired to test unloaded functionality, however we do NOT test fire these items, and we do NOT have them reviewed by a gunsmith. 

<h3><b>PERSONAL LIABILITY OF PURCHASER</b></h3> The purchaser, and anyone that the purchaser allows to use, pre-owned, used, vintage, curio and relic or antique firearms/weapons assumes all liability for minor injury, serious injury, or death from use of firearms/weapons, regardless of what end of the barrel you or others are viewing. The purchaser MUST have a competent, licensed gunsmith evaluate the firearm for safety prior to firing live ammunition.

Beautiful 1971 Ruger No 1 .22-250 26”


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