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Frequently Asked Questions

HOURS OF OPERATION: Victory Gun & Guitar Works, LLC is open from Tuesday - Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm. We are located in downtown historic Lindale, Texas, just a few miles north of Tyler, Texas, serving the greater Smith County and East Texas. 

PAYMENT OPTIONS: We accept MC, VISA, AMEX and Discover. We do accept Certified Bank Checks, Postal Money Orders, and wire transfer of funds. We do not accept Paypal unless an Ebay purchase. We do not accept Western Union or personal checks(unless local).

APPRAISALS AND ESTATES: We welcome all types of items for appraisal, either verbal or formal. We do not guarantee accuracy of appraisals through photos emailed to us. We just cannot guarantee accuracy! You are welcome to bring by your items for a free verbal evaluation. If you need a formal written appraisal, we can assist with that, as well. We charge a minimum of $40 plus 3% of the appraised value. Detailed appraisals and evaluations of entire collections are individually priced at the time of agreement. If after the items are appraised, you decide to sell the items to Victory Gun & Guitar Works within 60 days of the appraisal, we will be happy to credit you the original appraisal fees in addition to the purchase price.

SELL OR CONSIGNMENT YOUR ITEMS: We purchase and consign all types of quality firearms, guitars, and accoutrements, from vintage to modern. If you have an individual item or collection and need assistance with them, please contact one of our historic or modern firearms specialists, and we will be happy to assist you.

AVAILABILITY OF ITEMS: While we do our best to remove sold items from the website immediately upon a phone or local sale, sometimes things slip through the cracks. If this happens, please be patient. We are very customer service oriented, and wish to make and keep life long customers.

DETAILED OR COMPLEX ITEM QUESTIONS: If you have many detailed or complex questions about the item beyond what you see in the photos or description, please call or email us with any questions.

SHIPPING POLICIES: *Flat-Rate shipping charges are Continental USA ONLY, Rates will be higher for Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico/Guam (no ammunition to Puerto Rico or Guam) * USA and US BATFE Approved Territories *Per Federal Law, Victory Gun & Guitar Works ships all modern firearms to licensed Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders only. A transfer fee levied by such an FFL holder may apply, and is apart and separate from the purchase, consignment, or trade of any firearms via Victory Gun & Guitar Works. Please give us a call or click this link for more details on FFLs and the law.

INTERNATIONAL SALE: Payment will be strictly through wire transfer funds to Victory Gun & Guitar Works, LLC only NO CREDIT CARD OR OTHER PAYMENTS. In most cases, non-gun items may then be shipped directly to the buyer. Check your state and local laws first! Modern firearms will be shipped to a BATFE approved firearms exporter for shipment to your importer in your respective country. KNOW YOUR FIREARM AND MAGAZINE LAWS! If you purchase an item and you cannot receive it in your country, you will be responsible for all costs involved in the item being returned to us in original condition. We cannot cover shipping and insurance costs!

RETURN POLICY: From the time you pick up the item from your FFL dealer or receive the non-gun item at your doorstep, you will have a 3 day non-firing AND/OR non-disassembly return policy. You may return it for any reason, provided that you abided by the prior statement. We will refund you the cost of the item only, but do not refund shipping, transfer, handling, insurance or any other fees or costs.

DISPUTES: If you have any issue with an item we have sold you, please do not hesitate to call us and discuss it. We wish to make and keep life long customers and are willing to work through any reasonable situation.

STORAGE FEES: If you had an item transferred to us, you will have 30 days to pick it up or incur a fee of $25 per month retroactive to date of original receipt of item.

ANTIQUE FIREARM AND NON-GUN ITEMS: All antique guns, ammunition, and edged weapons sales will require a copy of the buyer’s Driver’s License, proving age 21 or older, to ship. Your state and local laws apply, so please know them prior to purchasing an item to you.

WARRANTIES ON NEW ITEMS: All new production items will have varying degrees of manufacturer warranty against defect or problems, however there are a myriad of details that we cannot cover here. Some items will have distributor warranties, as well. We can assist on a case by case basis with any issues you have on newly produced items.

PRE-OWNED OR VINTAGE FIREARMS/ WEAPONS/ GUITARS/ ELECTRONICS/ ETC: Pre-owned, used, vintage, curio and relic, and antique items, guitars, amps, pedals, electronics, firearms or other weapons are sold as-is with no warranty, expressed or implied. Each item has been tested for initial function. Firearms have been dry fired to test unloaded functionality, however we do NOT test fire these items, and we do NOT have them reviewed by a gunsmith. You will need to ask for blessing of a qualified gunsmith on firearms function and safety.

PERSONAL LIABILITY OF FIREARMS PURCHASER: The purchaser and anyone purchaser allows to use a firearm is responsible for safety and use. All buyers of new manufacture, pre-owned, used, vintage, curio and relic or antique firearms/weapons assumes all liability for minor injury, serious injury, or death from use of firearms/weapons, regardless of what end of the barrel you or others are viewing. The purchaser MUST have a competent, licensed gunsmith evaluate the firearm prior for safety prior to firing live ammunition.


TRANSFER FEE: $50 (tax included) per firearm for standard retail transfers. For more than one firearm transfer at one time, depending on the circumstances, we may be able to discount that fee, provided that we talk about it before the guns get here.

If I don't like the firearm Victory received for me, can Victory send it back? We can at a cost of $25, plus shipping, insurance, and additional handling (to correctly document and re-package your item.) Those must be paid for at the counter prior to shipping.

Can Victory Gun & Guitar Works, LLC ship a modern firearms for me? We can ship modern firearms directly to a licensed FFL dealer at a cost of $50, plus shipping, insurance, and additional handling (to correctly document and package your item.) We require pre-payment for at the counter prior to shipping.

If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 888-670-6780.