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Scarce Antique Marlin 1889 .32W 22" .32-20
Our Price: $975.00

This is an antique Marlin 1889 rifle, .32W (.32-20 Winchester) with 22" barrel lever action. The rifle is serial number 606XX and was manufactured in 1891. The rifle retains 40-50% patina finish with approximately 50-60% original finish on the stock and fore end. The rifle could use a thorough, but gentle cleaning to bring out more of the attractive good grain. There are no apparent cracks in the stock, and it has not been sanded. The bore does retain 50% rifling, but is frosty. The lever is only a bit loose, the sights are intact and functional. This is a clean, unmodified, original antique 125 year old Marlin rifle!

Antique 1890 Colt SAA Frontier Six Shooter 4 3/4" .44-40
Our Price: $2,695.00

This is a very cool, authentic, antique Colt Single Action Army, Frontier Six Shooter,.44-40 with 4 3/4" barrel that came out of a North Texas family collection. The SN is 135xxx, dating the revolver to 1890. This revolver is all original and unmodified! It has matching serial numbers on the grip, trigger guard and frame. On the side of the barrel, you can barely make out Frontier Six Shooter. The top of the barrel you faintly can see the two line address. The front sight is a standard small blade. The ejector rod is the donut style and is intact. The screws appear to all be original, with the exception of the grip screw. The action still has four clicks when cocked. The first click is weak sounding, and second strong. The third and fourth clicks nearly run together as the hammer is cocked all the way back. The bore on this old revolver is better than 75% with very good rifling. Although there is the slightest haze of frost, the bore is still fairly shiny with no pits. We contacted the Colt factory for a letter, but Paul could not find any records. Since this is an antique, we can ship it directly to customers in most locations to the location of your drivers license.
1st Gen Colt SAA .44-40 7.5” 1913
Our Price: $4,795.00

Factory letter with caveats…beautiful! This is a first generation Colt Single Action Army, SAA, .44-40, 7.5” in beautiful condition. This SAA has a factory letter that shows it was sent to Browning when originally manufactured. Good news/not-so-great news. The good news is that the overall condition of this Colt is better than 92% original blued finish and better than 80% original color case hardening. The not so good news is that is started life as a .32-20 5.5” barrel and cylinder. At some point, there was a caliber change. We believe, but cannot be certain, that the Colt may have had the caliber change at some point during the Browning family’s possession. We draw this conclusion, due to finish wear on the barrel and cylinder are only mildly better than the represented bluing and color case hardening condition throughout the revolver. The overall finish of the barrel and ejector rod housing is 97%, the cylinder retains better than 94% original finish, grips straps finish has thinned to approximately 80%. The screws and pins all have original finish. The nitre blue on the trigger and frame screws are better than 95%, and the screws are all crisp, showing only slight finish wear on the screw closest to the left side grip, where the thumb might rub. The color case hardening still retains some color contrast, starting to turn silvery. The bore is excellent and action locks up with four clicks. The grips are original and perfectly fitted to the revolver. If this revolver had lettered as an original .44-40, it would be a $9000 collector piece. Since it does not letter, that hurts value. Due to the condition, overall, we believe that this does still have significant collector value!